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Welcome to Martial Arts Taekwondo

Similar to Karate, Taekwondo combines combat and self-defense techniques with sport and exercise. As a result of our curriculum, students will also develop self-discipline and confidence. Martial Arts Taekwondo is located in Lewisvile, TX and taught by Master Dip Malla — 5th dan with 20 years experience, who has taught Taekwondo in Hong Kong, Germany and the United States for more than 16 years.


Student Creed

All students must commit the following creed and principles to memory. They are recited in class every day and are a guide for conduct both at our shcool in in students’ daily life.

  • I intend to develop myself in a positive manner, and to avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth or my physical health.
  • I intend to develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in others and myself.
  • I intend to use what I learn in class constructively and defensively to help my fellow man, and never to be rude or offensive.

6 Principles

  1. Be patient
  2. Be polite
  3. Be alert
  4. Be brave
  5. Do your best
  6. Respect yourself and others

Tenets of Taekwondo

There are 5 tenents of Taekwondo. Although we do not recite these daily, they are guiding concepts for students to focus on as they train and go about their daily lives.

  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Control
  • Indomitable Spirit

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