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Little Tiger Class
Our Little Tiger Program is designed for Preschool to Kindergarten children (ages 4 to 6 year old) Your child will gain:

  • Focus and Determination
  • Discipline
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Coordination
  • Exercise

All within a fun, safe and structured environment! Classesare high energy, where your child will learn the basis of TaeKwonDo. They’lllove every second of each positive, high-energy, goal-driven class. Ourinstructors have many years experience working with small children. Theyunderstand the importance of a positive, encouraging, yet challenging and funexperience, that will keep them motivated and learning. The Little TigerProgram is a great stepping stone to enter into our regular children’s program.


Beginner Program
Our Beginner Classes are a great introduction to TaekwonDo.Basic kicks, punches sparring movements and forms are taught. Depending on the frequency of attendance and the student’s ability to pick up new skills, promotion to the intermediate classes can happenwithin 6 months. Additional sparring classes are free and are offered 2 times per week.


Black Belt Club
Is offered to our students who have achieved the rank of Red and above. Specialty techniques will be taught including Nun chucks, Bo staff, high flying wall flips and wall kicks among other things.


Adult Classes
Adult classes are offered 4 days a week along with one Family Class on Saturday. Our classes are a great way to get into shape and a totally different workout other than the average “gym” workout. Classes are fun, yet physically and mentally challenging. You do not have to be in shape to start. Come and reduce your stress, build your confidence, improve your health and positively impact every area of your life.

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****Private Lessons Available on Request***

Space available for birthday parties. Ask for more info